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Lift Installation

To provide efficient lift service to cope with peak passenger loads, the lifts in the MLC Centre have been completely upgraded including new lift cars, suspension system, rail alignment and motor room computerised control equipment along with LCD screens for destination and tenant information . Lift performance levels are as follows:

  Low Rise Mid Rise High Rise Sky Rise
Number 6 6 6 6
Rated Capacity (people) 23 23 20 20
Rated Capacity (kg) 1564 1564 1364 1364
Interval of Car Departure (seconds) 27.5 29.5 28.5 30.0
5 minute peak handling capacity (%) 14 14 14 14
Lift Speed (m/s) 3.5 5.0 6.0 7.0

The tower building is serviced by 26 lifts, 24 being high speed passenger lifts and one goods lift which services all tower levels to level 65, the loading dock and a sports lift to service level 66 and the gymnasium and swimming pool on level 67.

One of the high rise passenger lifts is a dual purpose lift which also services all levels so it can be used as a standby goods lift. Both the goods lift and standby goods lift provide direct access to the service corridor on each tower level.

The car park is serviced by two car park lifts and the retail area is serviced by four goods lifts located at convenient locations throughout the retail area. All four of these goods lifts service most areas of the car park for convenient access to storerooms and the like.

Lift Security

All lifts are connected to the lift security system, each car being equipped with a proximity card reader to restrict access to authorised floors only and feature both a direct alarm and intercom to the security desk in the tower lobby and a back-up PABX phone to provide maximum reliability to lift users.